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Maple water is the tree’s sap, collected around springtime. It has a naturally fresh and slightly sweet taste. Maple water contains more than 46 bioactive compounds that are essential to the tree’s life, growth and protection. The liquid holds a wide range of vitamins and minerals, organic and amino acids, polyphenols and phytohormones. Several brands provide NAPSI certified maple water and we recommend consulting their websites for more information on their products and outlet locations. As spring draws near, make sure you visit our website to learn about all available NAPSI certified products!

Know more about maple water

First of all, maple water is simply savored as a drink. In order to enjoy its subtle sweet taste, the liquid is best served chilled. You can also cook with maple water and give your meals a delicate taste and perfumed aroma.

To read up on maple water and its many uses, stop by Quebec’s Maple Products website.